Stream and Wetland Design

//Stream and Wetland Design

Glasgow Watershed Assessment and Stormwater Design


Glasgow Watershed Retrofit Prioritization & Stormwater Design Restoration Need In 2015, the Town of Glasgow partnered with the Central Shenandoah Planning District Commission  and  Ecosystem Services to implement a NFWF Technical Capacity grant for conducting the Town of Glasgow Watershed Retrofit Prioritization Project. Led by Ecosystem Services’ science and engineering team, a field based study [...]

Angel Rose Wetland Restoration

Angel Rose Wetland Restoration Restoration Need A wetland mitigation project located on a privately-owned farm, within the Southern Coastal Plain of Virginia in Sussex County, VA. The property is situated along the state scenic Nottoway River. The property is currently in agriculture with the potential  to restore approximately 233-acres of existing ditches and floodplain cropland into [...]

Meadow Creek – Cedar Court Stream Restoration

Meadow Creek- Cedar Court Stream Restoration Restoration Need Within the proposed restoration reach, Meadow Creek was displaying lateral instability in the form of eroding banks primarily due to the amount of impervious area within the watershed associated with the residential development upstream of the project area, and the lack of vegetation along the banks. The project [...]

River Run Stream Restoration & Dam Removal


River Run Stream Restoration & Dam Removal Restoration Need An existing dry detention pond was failing and the stream reach was incised measuring approximately 8’ wide by 6’ deep throughout the reach.  The stream was eroding laterally along both left and right stream banks. Stream restoration work would help to address the pollutant reduction [...]

Ivy Creek Stream Restoration Nutrient Bank


Ivy Creek Stream Restoration Nutrient Bank Ecosystem Services was contracted to establish a nutrient credit offset bank in the Rivanna / James River watershed. This project was the second bank permitted by the Department of Environmental Quality that used stream restoration as a method for generating nutrient credits (our Arey Farm project was the first!). The project consisted [...]

Arey Farm

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Arey Farm Ecosystem Services was contracted to establish a nutrient credit offset bank in the Shenandoah/Potomac River watershed. This project is unique in that it was the first bank permitted by the Department of Environmental Quality that used stream restoration as a method for generating nutrient credits. The restored stream is an upper reach of Mossy [...]

Moores Creek Stream Assessment

Moores Creek Stream Assessment Ecosystem Services was contracted to perform a stream restoration assessment of approximately 4.5 miles of Moores Creek in Charlottesville, VA. The assessment included an existing conditions analysis, prioritization of restoration opportunities, a restoration alternatives analysis, and a discussion of potential funding opportunities. A conceptual restoration plan was also prepared for [...]

UMW Outfall Restoration

UMW Outfall Restoration Ecosystem Services partnered with Koontz-Bryant, P.C. to provide stormwater retrofit and stream restoration upgrades on the campus of the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. The University’s stormwater runoff flows to Hazel Run, a tributary of the Rappahannock River. UMW prepared a stormwater master plan for the Fredericksburg campus and [...]

Kinsey Run Fish Blockage Removal & Stream Restoration

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Located within the Garth Run – Rapidan River sub-watershed in historic Graves Mill, Virginia (Madison County) and adjacent to the Shenandoah National Park, the Kinsey Run Stream Restoration Project presents an opportunity to not only restore and enhance approximately 2,800 linear feet of Eastern Brook Trout habitat ...

Murray Run


Ecosystem Services has collaborated with HHHunt and Roanoke County to develop the first stream restoration project funded through a public private partnership. The proposed project consists of restoring approximately 1,250 linear feet of Murray Run adjacent to the Pebble Creek Apartments in Roanoke County, Virginia ...