Our natural resource consulting services span a wide range of activities and are integral to every project. From the very first field visit to project monitoring, our environmental professionals ensure data integrity, regulatory clarity and expediency, and clear communication through mapping and reports.

  • Assessment
  • Mapping
  • Regulatory
  • Agricultural
  • Monitoring & Inspections

Types of Consulting Offered

Ecosystem Services’ multi-disciplinary staff offers a variety of ecological and natural resource assessments. The assessment stage of a project is crucial to develop baseline data, natural resource inventories, and other environmental characteristics for permitting or design projects. Our staff employs the most current regulatory and scientific methodologies and uses state-of-the-art mapping to create informative and accurate exhibits and permit documents that informs and progresses your project.

  • consulting-assessment1Waters of the US delineations
  • Feasibility and constraints analysis
  • Stream and wetland assessments
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Assessments
  • Soil & water quality monitoring
  • Soil evaluations
  • Resource Protection Area (RPA)/ Critical Areas Assessments
  • Forest stand delineations
  • Nutrient and sediment reduction assessments
  • Watershed assessments
Ecosystem Services uses the most advanced technology and mapping software including Geographic Information System (GIS) and Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software to create informative and attractive maps for our clients. Our mapping specialists have experience performing a variety of spatial analyses to inform sound decision making. Our mapping services integrate field, design, and industry data resources in order to provide the most accurate and useful mapping for our clients.

  • Natural resource and habitat
  • Spatial analyses
  • Viewshed analyses
  • Mitigation site searches
  • Watershed analyses
Ecosystem Services’ regulatory consultants are knowledgeable and expert navigators of environmental regulations. Our experience and excellent professional relationships with regulatory agencies ensure that your project is moved expeditiously and without future complication.

  • consulting-regulatoryRegulatory coordination
  • Regulatory review/fatal flaw analysis
  • 401 & 404 permitting
  • NPDES/VPDES permitting
  • RPA & critical area designation
  • Water withdrawal permitting
  • NEPA permitting
  • Forest management plans
  • Enforcement action negotiations
  • Corrective action plans & monitoring
  • Virginia Stormwater Management Program
  • MS4 permitting
  • SPCC plans
  • FEMA flood studies
Ecosystem Services’ staff is dedicated to working with farmers by traversing the complex and dynamic regulatory landscape. As members of the NRCS State Technical Committee, boards of local Soil and Water Conservation Districts, and numerous regulatory advisory panels, we are informed of the regulations before they are passed into law. Our agronomic backgrounds and professional expertise allow us to provide sound, innovative and cost-effective solutions to Virginia’s #1 industry.

  • consulting-agricultureNutrient Management Planning (DCR Certified, NRCS Technical Service Provider)
  • Virginia Pollution Abatement (VPA) permitting
  • Resource Management Planning (RMP)
  • Water withdrawal permitting
  • Irrigation design and demand calculations
  • Agricultural Best Management Practice (BMP) design
  • NRCS conservation practice planning
  • Streambank stabilization (NRCS Technical Service Provider)
  • Shallow Water Development and Management
  • Habitat Improvement and Management
  • Wetlands Reserve Easement (WRE) Coordination and Design
  • Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning
  • Poultry House Development and Planning

ES provides a full suite of services related to pre- and post-construction monitoring, erosion and sediment control inspections and VSMP/VPDES permit compliance for the development, transportation, and utility sectors, as well as the mitigation and ecological restoration industry. Our staff consists of DEQ-certified erosion and sediment control inspectors and stormwater management combined administrators who can not only assist with Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) and third party inspections, but also stormwater management program and plan review for localities.

  • consulting-monitoringMitigation banking
  • Water Quality
  • Erosion and sediment control (DEQ Certified)
  • Stormwater management
  • Pre & post construction
  • VSMP (DEQ Certified)
  • Invasive Species
  • 3rd party inspection services
  • Construction Administration

Examples of Consulting Projects

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