Stream and Wetland Design

//Stream and Wetland Design

Dragon Run Wetland Mitigation Project

Dragon Run Wetland Mitigation Project This region of the Dragon Run Swamp is a critical aquatic resource in Virginia and acts as a sponge for flood flows and pollutants before flowing into the Piankatank River. Ecosystem Services was contracted by the Nature Conservancy in Virginia to provide the wetland mitigation design plans, permit acquisition, [...]

Edith J. Carrier Arboretum at JMU

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A stream and wetland restoration project was designed and permitted by Ecosystem Services, LLC to help meet both the MS4 pollutant reduction goals of JMU and aesthetic and educational goals of the Arboretum. Outreach and environmental education was provided to JMU faculty staff, students, and others ...

Kilmarnock Outfall Restoration

Kilmarnock Outfall Restoration The Remediation of Severe Gully Erosion in Kilmarnock, VA Project is a collaborative effort between Ecosystem Services (ES), the Center for Watershed Protection (CWP), and the Town of Kilmarnock to successfully plan, design, and prepare three severely eroding stream channels for remediation. The project site is located in the Northern Neck [...]

Angel Rose

Angel Rose Engel Family Farms, Inc. has partnered with Ecosystem Services to implement a stream and wetland mitigation bank on the family owned 533 acre Angel Rose farm located in Sussex County, Virginia. Engel Family Farms is one of the leading family owned operations that farms over 20,000 acres of land throughout the state [...]