Angel Rose Wetland Restoration


Angel Rose Wetland Restoration A wetland mitigation project located on a privately-owned farm, within the Southern Coastal Plain of Virginia in Sussex County, VA. The property is situated along the state scenic Nottoway River. The property is currently in agriculture with the potential  to restore approximately 233-acres of existing ditches and floodplain cropland into coastal plain [...]

Arey Farm


Arey Farm Ecosystem Services was contracted to establish a nutrient credit offset bank in the Shenandoah/Potomac River watershed. This project is unique in that it was the first bank permitted by the Department of Environmental Quality that used stream restoration as a method for generating nutrient credits. The restored stream is an upper reach of Mossy [...]

Maury River


Maury River Ecosystem Services, LLC was contracted to provide restoration engineering and assessment for the Maury River in Rockbridge County, Virginia.  This project was a partnership with a local landowner, DGIF, and a stream restoration designer.  This project was the largest ever undertaken by DGIF and was made possible through a multi-disciplinary team that [...]

Southampton Agribusiness


Southampton Agribusiness Our Certified Nutrient Management Planner assisted with the Southampton Agribusiness Farm at the Department of Corrections to write a Nutrient Management Plan for the 1,200-acre farm in Southampton County, VA. This self-sustaining farm produces broccoli, asparagus, snap beans, watermelons, corn, soybeans and Bermuda hay. Commercial fertilizer was used in conjunction with swine [...]

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