Project Description

Maury River

Ecosystem Services, LLC was contracted to provide restoration engineering and assessment for the Maury River in Rockbridge County, Virginia.  This project was a partnership with a local landowner, DGIF, and a stream restoration designer.  This project was the largest ever undertaken by DGIF and was made possible through a multi-disciplinary team that worked collaboratively throughout the process.  The purpose of the proposed stream restoration was to reduce excessive streambank erosion and to improve the safety of a road and bridge crossing by relocating approximately 2,100 linear feet of the river, planting a substantial floodplain bench, and installing flow deflection structures.  The stabilized channel also protects the road/bridge crossing by reducing nearby bank erosion.


  • Reduce erosion and loss of land
  • Improve hydraulic capacity of river
  • Improve riparian corridor habitat

ServicesWatershed & Floodplain Studies, Plan Production & Mapping, Stream & Wetland Design