Project Description

Blacks Run Restoration & Northend Greenway

Harrisonburg, Virginia

Both the tributary and Blacks Run were experiencing lateral and vertical degradation as a response to livestock access/use and an increased volume and magnitude of stormwater runoff due to a rapidly developing watershed. A community lead greenway trail had been conceptually planned and would address a need for safe biking and walking corridors in the northern portion of the City. Restoration would also contribute towards meeting the City’s MS4 permit and local TMDL requirements.

Both empirical and analytic methods were employed to assess existing and proposed stream morphology, hydraulic and hydrologic processes. 2D modeling was conducted to validate the design conditions and ensure non-erosive conditions. Restoration measures included removing livestock, restoration of two channels, and planting of a mixed meadow-forest riparian corridor. Energy will be managed or dissipated in well established pools and instream structures such as riffles, cross vanes, and brush toe.

The stream and greenway were designed concurrently to ensure that the path and stream functioned in a mutually compatible way both aesthetically and hydraulically. The greenway was designed to blend with the natural topography and included drainage improvements and a split-rail fence delineating the riparian buffer.


  • Greenway trail design and development
  • Nutrient and Sediment Reduction for MS4 Permit Requirements
  • Water quality improvements to Blacks Run and Chesapeake Bay

Services: Assessment, Monitoring and Inspections, Regulatory, Stream and Wetland Design