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Holy Comforter

Holy Comforter Ecosystem Services was contacted by the Holy Comforter (HOCO) Church Eco Steering Committee to provide design and planning solutions to reduce the stormwater impact of their landscape. The Steering Committee had many progressive and ecologically sensitive measures that they planned to implement around their church grounds. A team of professionals including the [...]

Ashland Stormwater Facility

Ashland Stormwater Facility A commercial property in Ashland, Virginia had a legacy stormwater facility that was constructed in the 90s. Over time it lost some of its functionality and required maintenance in order to achieve the stormwater management objectives. Our client was redeveloping the property and needed to make sure that the detention facility [...]

King’s Dominion Dinosaurs Alive Attraction

King's Dominion Dinosaurs Alive Attraction The services provided at the Dinosaurs Alive attraction at Paramount’s Kings Dominion in Hanover County, VA included a wetland delineation, regulatory negotiation, alternatives analysis and design/layout consultation of the attraction design based on avoidance and minimization. The staff worked collaboratively with Kings Dominion and all parties involved in the [...]