Trail Fork Crossing Replacement


Trail Fork Crossing Replacement Del Rio, Tennessee (Cherokee National Forest) Existing culverts at the Trail Fork Crossing were perched and skewed with respect to the stream thalweg, which reduced AOP and created localized erosion and associated sedimentation affecting both the channel and adjacent floodplain. The culverts also created a break in the natural streambed, [...]

Meadow Creek Design-Build Stream & Wetland Repair


Meadow Creek Design-Build Stream and Wetland Repair Project The highly urbanized watershed of Meadow Creek produces high runoff, sediment supply, and discharge rates, which has led to channel destabilization and erosion within the 7,372 linear foot project stream reach. Originally restored in 2012 and 2013, this section of Meadow Creek continues to experience significant localized erosion. [...]

Bolton Branch Fish Passage & Stream Restoration


Bolton Branch Fish Passage & Stream Restoration Between October 2013 and May 2014, The Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC), in partnership with Trout Unlimited (TU) and the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS), surveyed and assessed a total of 133 road-stream crossings in Rappahannock, Madison, Greene, and Albemarle counties in Virginia to gain a comprehensive picture of [...]

Kinsey Run Fish Blockage Removal & Stream Restoration


Located within the Garth Run – Rapidan River sub-watershed in historic Graves Mill, Virginia (Madison County) and adjacent to the Shenandoah National Park, the Kinsey Run Stream Restoration Project presents an opportunity to not only restore and enhance approximately 2,800 linear feet of Eastern Brook Trout habitat ...

Dragon Run Wetland Mitigation Project


Dragon Run Wetland Mitigation Project The northern portion of the property is occupied by Dragon Run Swamp, a palustrine alluvial floodplain wetland, a portion of which is bisected by a perennial, unnamed tributary running from west to east. The stream has been impacted by a historical road crossing which has been further influenced by [...]

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