Project Description

Meadow Creek Design-Build Stream and Wetland Repair Project

The highly urbanized watershed of Meadow Creek produces high runoff, sediment supply, and discharge rates, which has led to channel destabilization and erosion within the 7,372 linear foot project stream reach. Originally restored in 2012 and 2013, this section of Meadow Creek continues to experience significant localized erosion.

An evaluation of the original design, subsequent geomorphic monitoring, and hydraulic modeling suggested that additional floodplain connection and sediment storage would alleviate high channel energy that was contributing to instability. Additionally, bioengineering bank treatments would provide roughness to the outer meander bends and reduce erosive flows that had contributed to in-stream structure failure.

The analysis of how the previous restoration started to contribute to excessive erosion gave insight to critical processes in urban restoration such as sediment transport, structure placement, and the need for scour analysis during design. The restored stream and floodplain has resulted in additional riparian wetlands throughout the corridor.


  • Provide mitigation for unavoidable impacts to aquatic resources
  • Reduce excessive streambank erosion
  • Improve floodplain connectivity

Services: Assessment; Stream and Wetland Design; Regulatory; Monitoring and Inspections; Plan, Production & Mapping