Ashland Stormwater Facility

Ashland Stormwater Facility A commercial property in Ashland, Virginia had a legacy stormwater facility that was constructed in the 90s. Over time it lost some of its functionality and required maintenance in order to achieve the stormwater management objectives. Our client was redeveloping the property and needed to make sure that the detention facility [...]

Mossy Creek-North River Environmental Bank

Mossy Creek-North River Environmental Bank Restoration Need The geomorphic, hydrologic, hydraulic, and biologic parameters assessed indicate that restoration is necessary for Mossy Creek to become a stream capable of supporting historic and potential ecological functions. The scale and scope of any ecological intervention must be evaluated for the current condition and functioning versus the [...]

Headwaters of the Shenandoah River Watershed Assessment & Pilot Restoration

Shenandoah Headwaters Watershed Assessment & Pilot Restoration Restoration Need Bergton sits near the confluence of the German River and Crab Run, headwater streams of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River, which flows into the Shenandoah and the Potomac River before reaching the Chesapeake Bay. The North Fork represents 18% of Virginia’s contribution to the [...]

Edith J. Carrier Arboretum at JMU

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A stream and wetland restoration project was designed and permitted by Ecosystem Services, LLC to help meet both the MS4 pollutant reduction goals of JMU and aesthetic and educational goals of the Arboretum. Outreach and environmental education was provided to JMU faculty staff, students, and others ...

Southampton Agribusiness

Southampton Agribusiness Our Certified Nutrient Management Planner assisted with the Southampton Agribusiness Farm at the Department of Corrections to write a Nutrient Management Plan for the 1,200-acre farm in Southampton County, VA. This self-sustaining farm produces broccoli, asparagus, snap beans, watermelons, corn, soybeans and Bermuda hay. Commercial fertilizer was used in conjunction with swine [...]

Berry Global

Berry Global Project Ecosystem Services was approached by Berry Global in the early spring of 2014. Berry Global had experienced the loss of key personnel and Ecosystem Services was contracted to provide on-call environmental consulting services to maintain compliance. While Berry Global has a small environmental footprint for being one of the world’s largest manufacturers [...]

King’s Dominion Dinosaurs Alive Attraction

King's Dominion Dinosaurs Alive Attraction The services provided at the Dinosaurs Alive attraction at Paramount’s Kings Dominion in Hanover County, VA included a wetland delineation, regulatory negotiation, alternatives analysis and design/layout consultation of the attraction design based on avoidance and minimization. The staff worked collaboratively with Kings Dominion and all parties involved in the [...]