Project Description

Liberty Hall Dam Removal & Stream Restoration

Located on private property in Albemarle County, Virginia the Liberty Hall Stream Restoration Project included the removal of a legacy earthen dam historically used as a recreational pond and restoring and enhancing portions of an unnamed perennial tributary to Mechums River and creation of emergent riparian wetlands around the restored channel. The existing agricultural pond was constructed in approximately 1950. The concrete dam structure was undermined and broken in several places. The dam was failed in several areas and the existing pond has filled with sediment. The outfall configuration was producing a fish passage barrier from downstream to upstream. If left unrestored, the existing dam would continue to deteriorate and once fully breached, release built up sediment downstream and continue to erode over many decades.

The restoration work included tree clearing, concrete dam/earthen dam removal, floodplain grading, and stream restoration. Hardwood trees removed for access were stockpiled and used for in-stream structures and pond habitat placement. The stream was restored to its original alignment through the removed pond. The stream was graded upstream to downstream with the installation of log riffle structures, cascades, and stone step structures. Large woody debris were installed in adjacent wetland areas. A planting plan of native species designed by Wolf Josey Landscape Architects was installed on the streambanks, floodplain, and greater riparian corridor.


  • Dam Removal
  • Stream Restoration
  • Enhanced recreational access

Services: Assessment, Stream and Wetland Design, Regulatory, Bid Support and Construction Administration