Project Description

Pristine Waters Nutrient Bank

Ecosystem Services was contracted to establish a nutrient credit offset bank in the Rappahannock River watershed. Our services included an ecosystem services inventory of all biodiversity credits on the property, nutrient bank establishment, construction and planting design and oversight, as well as marketing and management of the credits.

The Pristine Waters Nutrient Bank project is located in the Rapidan watershed of Orange County, VA.  The landowner and farm manager have actively pursued and implemented numerous water quality and conservation measures on the property.  The Bank Sponsor has converted approximately 109 acres of hayland to generate the nonpoint nutrient offset credits available for transfer to those entities requiring offsets in accordance with the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Nutrient Credit Exchange Program.  This nutrient credit generating activity has reduced an annual loading of approximately 107 pounds of phosphorus and 471 pounds of nitrogen to the Rapidan-Rappahannock River basin and the Chesapeake Bay.

Please contact us for a credit availability letter, price quote or consultation on your project to see if it qualifies for the use of nutrient credits as an offsite option.


  • Generate a nutrient reduction certificate for the trading on non-point nutrient credit offsets
  • Improve local water quality
  • Re-establish native vegetation
  • Preserve valuable habitat

Services: Regulatory, Plan Production and Mapping, Nutrient