Kyle Ashmun

Kyle Ashmun

Kyle is a stream restoration specialist with over 15 years of experience in stream restoration design and construction. Kyle began his career conducting natural resource surveys and permitting, which provided a strong foundation for implementation focused design. He has studied and designed a wide range of small to large stream and river corridors in both urban and rural watersheds in the Mid-Atlantic. With each unique restoration project, Kyle focuses on developing restoration design approaches that are founded on fluvial geomorphological processes and principles and supported by the analytical assessment of hydraulics, sediment transport, and vegetation (ecohydraulics).

In his primary role as Lead Stream Restoration Specialist, Kyle is responsible for coordinating and facilitating collaboration across disciplines to ensure the production of effective technical reports and construction plans. In addition, Kyle is the lead contact during all phases of construction. During pre-construction he performs all document reviews to evaluate bid packages, cost estimates, and technical specifications. During the construction period, he works closely with the site Foreman and Operator to navigate necessary field changes, while ensuring adherence to design tolerances and schedule.

Kyle was recently the lead designer for the Ivy Creek Stream Restoration Nutrient Bank Project The project highlights Kyle’s commitment to designing multi-benefit projects that focus on creating aquatic and terrestrial habitat improvements, while also maximizing water quality benefits and pollutant reductions.  During construction, Kyle directed efforts to source and salvage onsite woody material and streambed material to retain a source of carbon and build invertebrate habitats and refugia.

Education • Training • Certification

  • B.S. Randolph Macon
  • Wetland Training Institute: USACE Wetland Delineation
  • NCSU Stream  Restoration Program: Fluvial Geomorphology, Hydraulic Modeling, Stream Construction Practices
  • Sediment Transport in Stream Assessment and Design: Utah State University
  • Professional GIS Certificate: George Mason University
  • Certified NAACC Lead Observer (Aquatic Connectivity)