Amy Longcrier

Amy is a Water Resources Engineer with 11 years of stream restoration and 14 years of stormwater management experience.  Using natural channel design principles, she has designed miles of stream restoration and dozens of Low Impact Design (LID) stormwater systems for highly urbanized watersheds including many Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance (RSC) and bioretention systems.  She supports the restoration process from assessment through construction.  Amy prioritizes communication and teamwork as the foundation of success, efficiency, and long term professional relationships.  Amy is helping to expand our efforts to restore ecosystems in North Carolina while supporting our Virginia Team. In this role, she’s excited to expand her knowledge of local habitats and cultivate new business opportunities.

Amy led the technical effort and was the engineer of record on a restoration project in Baltimore County on a 210-acre site featuring forests, meadows, wetlands, and headwater tributaries.  Several sections of the tributaries had long ago been ditched to support agricultural practices.  Those alterations along with more recent land use changes within the watershed caused the streams and wetlands to degrade and lose ecological functions.  Amy lead the technical assessment and design effort to restore the degraded stream sections and divert flood water through sand infiltration berms to adjacent fields. This effort increased retention time and infiltration to encourage localized wetland habitat, restore riparian wetland hydrology, reduce sediment and nutrient loading, and reestablish a mosaic of native vegetation.  The project restored 1,550 linear feet of stream and restored and enhanced wetlands adjacent to the stream.  The project is regarded by the Maryland Soil Conservation District as a model for municipalities seeking nutrient and sediment credits.

Education • Training • Certification

  • B.S. Biosystems Engineering, University of Tennessee
  • NC State University – Stream Morphology Assessment & Natural Channel Design Principles
  • Licensed Professional Engineer (PE) – MD, NC, SC, GA & AK