Ecosystem Services is pleased to announce that the Watershed Retrofit Project located in the Town of Glasgow, Virginia, has been awarded $47, 600 through the National Fish & Wildlife (NFWF) Technical Assistance Funding!

The beneficiary of the technical assistance will be the Town of Glasgow, located in Rockbridge County, Virginia. For this project, Ecosystem Services will implement a strategy for addressing legacy storm water best management
practices. To do so, Ecosystem Services staff will 1) conduct a comprehensive, field based study to characterize the Town’s watershed conditions, 2) create a prioritized inventory of storm water retrofit projects, and 3) complete two preliminary designs for the highest ranked retrofit projects.

Ecosystem Services is pleased to support this work and intends to create a positive, replicable example of stormwater management for rural localities.  The project outcomes are planned for in such a way that each deliverable is a building block. This way, the process is more easily initiated and replicated by other localities looking to tailor the process to their unique environmental conditions or funding capability.

This project will improve water quality, reduce local maintenance burden, and improve aquatic habitat to local waterways, and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. We’ll be sure to post updates as work progresses!