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UMW Outfall Restoration

UMW Outfall Restoration Ecosystem Services partnered with Koontz-Bryant, P.C. to provide stormwater retrofit and stream restoration upgrades on the campus of the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. The University’s stormwater runoff flows to Hazel Run, a tributary of the Rappahannock River. UMW prepared a stormwater master plan for the Fredericksburg campus and [...]

Kinsey Run Fish Blockage Removal & Stream Restoration

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Located within the Garth Run – Rapidan River sub-watershed in historic Graves Mill, Virginia (Madison County) and adjacent to the Shenandoah National Park, the Kinsey Run Stream Restoration Project presents an opportunity to not only restore and enhance approximately 2,800 linear feet of Eastern Brook Trout habitat ...

Murray Run


Ecosystem Services has collaborated with HHHunt and Roanoke County to develop the first stream restoration project funded through a public private partnership. The proposed project consists of restoring approximately 1,250 linear feet of Murray Run adjacent to the Pebble Creek Apartments in Roanoke County, Virginia ...

Blue Leaf


Blue Leaf The Town of Christiansburg contracted us to develop restoration plans for a degraded urban stream system. This creek is a tributary of Crab Creek and other sections have previously been restored downstream. Now efforts are directed to the most upstream extent of the creek. The highly urbanized drainage area, steep gradient, and [...]

Holy Comforter

Holy Comforter Ecosystem Services was contacted by the Holy Comforter (HOCO) Church Eco Steering Committee to provide design and planning solutions to reduce the stormwater impact of their landscape. The Steering Committee had many progressive and ecologically sensitive measures that they planned to implement around their church grounds. A team of professionals including the [...]

Mossy Creek-North River Environmental Bank

Mossy Creek-North River Environmental Bank Restoration Need The geomorphic, hydrologic, hydraulic, and biologic parameters assessed indicate that restoration is necessary for Mossy Creek to become a stream capable of supporting historic and potential ecological functions. The scale and scope of any ecological intervention must be evaluated for the current condition and functioning versus the [...]

Maury River


Maury River Ecosystem Services, LLC was contracted to provide restoration engineering and assessment for the Maury River in Rockbridge County, Virginia.  This project was a partnership with a local landowner, DGIF, and a stream restoration designer.  This project was the largest ever undertaken by DGIF and was made possible through a multi-disciplinary team that [...]

Dragon Run Wetland Mitigation Project

Dragon Run Wetland Mitigation Project Restoration Need The northern portion of the property is occupied by Dragon Run Swamp, a palustrine alluvial floodplain wetland, a portion of which is bisected by a perennial, unnamed tributary running from west to east. The stream has been impacted by a historical road crossing which has been further [...]