Project Description

Wytheville Stream Assessment

Ecosystem Services partnered with Gay and Neel, Inc. to perform a restoration assessment of approximately 14,820 linear feet of Cedar Run in Wytheville, VA. The assessment included an existing conditions analysis, prioritization of restoration opportunities, a restoration alternatives analysis, and a discussion of potential funding opportunities. Cedar Run is a perennial stream and a tributary of Reed Creek, a stream listed on DEQ’s 303(d) impaired waters list.

The stream was assessed for parameters that typically drive the need for restoration efforts including rate of bank erosion, risk to infrastructure, safety, aesthetics, and land value. These parameters were then used to derive a numeric score for individual stream reaches and prioritized in order of need for restoration. Outfalls, exposed utility lines, and locations of excessive localized erosion were also identified. The assessment was successfully used to assist the Town with winning a Stormwater Local Assistance Fund (SLAF) Grant from the Virginia DEQ for stream restoration design, permitting, and construction of the top four prioritized stream restoration projects.


  • Provide planning level guidance and data to the Town of Wytheville that will inform future stream bank restoration and stabilization projects.
  • Provide information to be used in a successful bid for funding through the Department of Environmental Quality’s Stormwater Local Assistance Fund.
  • Protect infrastructure and underground utilities and provide public safety.
  • Reduce sediment and nutrient loading to downstream receiving waters.
  • Re-establish native plant communities.

ServicesAssessment, Mapping