Project Description

UMW Outfall Restoration

Ecosystem Services partnered with Koontz-Bryant, P.C. to provide stormwater retrofit and stream restoration upgrades on the campus of the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA.

The University’s stormwater runoff flows to Hazel Run, a tributary of the Rappahannock River. UMW prepared a stormwater master plan for the Fredericksburg campus and identified several streams on campus that were degrading due to the highly urbanized watershed. The University wanted to rectify this situation and create an educational opportunity for students by using an ecological restoration approach. UMW applied for and received State funding for the project.

Ecosystem Services created a design that alleviated the stress on the streams and reduced the amount of sediment and nutrients making their way to the Chesapeake Bay. These reductions were used to meet the University’s MS4 reduction requirements. A stream restoration design based on Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance (RSC) and step-pool hydraulics was employed to accomplish these objectives. Other services included stream/wetland delineation and confirmation, Resource Protection Area Designation, and a Water Quality Impact Assessment.


  • Stabilized stormwater outfalls and stream channels
  • Reduction in nutrients and sediment
  • Reduced risk to public safety and infrastructure
  • Provide educational opportunities to University staff and students

Services: Stream and Wetland Design, Education and Technical Training