Project Description

Soil & Water Conservation District BANCS Training

Environmental professionals and state agencies constantly have to train to keep up with the rapidly evolving disciplines that govern our work. Ecosystem Services was asked to prepare a workshop for the Virginia Soil & Water Conservation District’s annual training session. The topic was how to assess eroding streams and quantify their erosion input downstream. This can be a time consuming research effort but fortunately different assessment methodologies have been developed to provide quick preliminary estimates based on measured field characteristics. One such methodology developed by David Rosgen called the Bank Assessment for Non-point source Consequences of Sediment, or BANCS, has received wide usage in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. In order to increase the District’s staff with the methodology, we provided training and a workshop to describe the parameters used for the assessment, common sources of error, and how to calculate annual erosion estimates.


  • Understanding of BANCS methodology

ServicesEducation and Technical Training