Project Description

Mossy Creek

Ecosystem Services is working with a landowner in Mt. Solon, Virginia to develop a stream mitigation bank on the famous angling destination of Mossy Creek.  This project will contribute to regional efforts to improve fish spawning habitat for native brook trout and will reduce instream erosion and provide riparian buffers streamside wetlands.  It is a real pleasure to work for clients that want to do the right thing and this project is exemplary of that characteristic.  The landowner currently allows the most upstream extent of public fishing access and intends to help improve fishing and local water quality by restricting cattle access to the stream and funding restoration work.  It is essential that landowners such as this are able to participate in programs such as mitigation banking in order to maintain a functioning agricultural business while providing mitigation to unavoidable impacts to aquatic resources in the region.


  • Provide mitigation for unavoidable impacts to aquatic resources
  • Restore and protect critical trout habitat
  • Improve floodplain connectivity
  • Improve sediment transport capacity

ServicesRegulatory, Plan Production and Mapping, Stream and Wetland Design, Stream and Wetland