Project Description

Meadow Lawn Farm

Ecosystem Services is working with a landowner to establish a large scale wetland and stream mitigation bank on the 1,500 acre Meadow Lawn Farm located adjacent to Lake Merriweather and the Goshen Scout Map in Rockbridge County, Virginia. The project will consist of removing livestock from streams, restoring those streams including Little Calfpasture River, restoring floodplain pastures back into forested wetlands, and vegetating riparian buffers.

Due to the landscape setting of the project, a unique opportunity presents itself to not only improve the ecological health to aquatic and terrestrial resources but also to reduce the sediment loading into Lake Merriweather thereby potentially reducing maintenance costs and possibly eliminating the need to drain the Lake altogether.


  • Provide mitigation for unavoidable impacts to aquatic resources
  • Restore and protect critical vernal pool systems
  • Remove impact from agricultural practices
  • Improve wetland hydrology

Services: Regulatory, Plan Production and Mapping, Stream and Wetland Design, Stream and Wetland