Project Description

Kilmarnock Outfall Restoration

The Remediation of Severe Gully Erosion in Kilmarnock, VA Project is a collaborative effort between Ecosystem Services (ES), the Center for Watershed Protection (CWP), and the Town of Kilmarnock to successfully plan, design, and prepare three severely eroding stream channels for remediation. The project site is located in the Northern Neck Region within the Town of Kilmarnock and the surrounding County of Lancaster, Virginia. Construction plans for remediating the three reaches were developed in addition to a Sediment & Nutrient Reduction Report, an Alternatives Analysis, and an Implementation & Funding Strategy Analysis. Currently the Town of Kilmarnock has been awarded funding for construction. As a result, the Team has provided the region an example of how projects such as this can be accomplished with a multi-disciplinary and collaborative team.


  • Reduction in nutrients and sediment
  • Increased retention and infiltration of stormwater runoff
  • Restore surface hydrology
  • Improve natural aesthetics

Services: Plan Production and Mapping