Project Description


Ecosystem Services was contracted to perform a flood study of the Hudson Property Restoration Project in Beaufort County, North Carolina. The purpose of the Flood Study was to provide the design team with hydraulic modeling related to the proposed stream restoration project to satisfy the NFIP and EEP Floodplain Requirements. The project included data gathering, hydraulic modeling, and project team coordination.

The project site includes approximately 2,700’ of restoration on an approximately 106.51 acre property in Beaufort County, North Carolina. A hydraulic analysis of the proposed restoration design was performed to establish the proposed water surface elevations for the stream corridor. The Flood Study covered the geographic area surrounding Horse Branch adjacent to the project site.

The Flood Study was completed to determine the effect of the proposed restoration activities within the FEMA defined 1% annual floodplain on the Base Flood Elevation. The study revealed that there is “no rise” in Base Flood Elevation (BFE) as a result of the proposed project.


  • FEMA no-rise determination

ServicesMapping, Watershed and Floodplain Studies