Project Description

Dragon Run Wetland Mitigation Project

This region of the Dragon Run Swamp is a critical aquatic resource in Virginia and acts as a sponge for flood flows and pollutants before flowing into the Piankatank River. Ecosystem Services was contracted by the Nature Conservancy in Virginia to provide the wetland mitigation design plans, permit acquisition, bidding support, construction oversight, development and delivery of as-built reports, and post-construction site evaluation for the project. The purpose of the project was to provide wetland mitigation to offset unavoidable impacts in the Chesapeake Bay Basin. The project included wetland and upland restoration and stream, wetland and upland buffer preservation. The wetland that was restored is considered a seep wetland because its hydrology is supplied through groundwater, which makes it particularly complex to design and implement successfully. The project also included dam removal resulting in a free flowing stream-wetland system that drains to the Dragon. Ecosystem Services was able to create a project that maximized the yield of wetland acreage and credits despite several constraints during design development. The restored resources now increase the significant benefits provided by this property.


  • Protect critical aquatic resources
  • Restore and enhance wetland features
  • Remove culvert and convert open water to stream-wetland complex
  • GPS mapping of aquatic resources

Services: Stream and Wetland Design