We’re excited to announce that construction on Murray Run is underway! Funded through a combination of private and SLAF funds, the project will restore 1,250 linear feet of Murray Run, a perennial tributary to the Roanoke River located in the central part of Roanoke County. As with all of our project, an emphasis has been placed on partnership, sustainability, and ecological uplift.

Ecosystem Services, LLC formally teamed with HHHunt, Gay and Neel, Inc. (GNI), and Ecotone, Inc. to provide Roanoke County with project management, grant assistance, restoration design, and construction administration services.  The team has operated as an integrated team, able to draw knowledge and strengths from individuals and firms.

The restoration design employs both rock and log structures to provide grade control, transition steep slopes, and deflect erosive flows. Materials for the toe wood and soil lifts as well as the embedded woody materials for constructed riffles were obtained on-site or locally to minimize project costs and overall project footprint.

Ecological Uplift:
Based on Natural Channel Design (NCD) principles, the restoration proposes to increase canopy, recharge groundwater, and slow velocity to establish a stable channel, reduce sediment yield, improve water quality, and increase opportunity for aquatic and riparian habitat. One example, is the use of toe wood to reintroduce wood back into the stream particularly in the riffle and pools for water quality benefits.

With stream restoration, construction is only the start. We’re in this for the long haul, and will continue to post as we move from construction into the long-term monitoring phase.