As an Ecological Restoration Designer, Jane Margaret applies her interdisciplinary background to urban and rural watershed modeling, riparian buffer restoration, stormwater management, and ecologically-focused planting design. Additionally, her skillset includes: GIS mapping/analysis, hydraulic modeling, CAD drafting, wetland delineation, permit preparation, geomorphic assessment, stream benthos ID, watershed planning, pollinator and wildlife garden design, and public outreach and education. Jane Margaret is also familiar with projects related to Brownfields site remediation, groundwater contamination, and bioremediation. Her experience brings with it an emphasis on applied problem solving and the integration of scientific inquiry with practical and innovative design solutions.

Jane Margaret holds a degree in Environmental Chemistry, and her interdisciplinary study includes research in environmental pollution, toxicology, conservation genetics, and landscape and plant ecology. Having grown up in the mountains of North Carolina, her close connection to the land fuels her lifelong passion for environmental protection and restoration. She is excited by opportunities to collaborate with local partners to develop holistic projects that meet community needs and provide lasting environmental and social uplift.

During her years in Warren Wilson College’s unique work program, Jane Margaret gained experience running a production vegetable farm using sustainable agricultural practices. She loves spending time in her home garden and is driven to work with local farmers to help improve their land and productivity through better management strategies.

Her photo was taken amidst a Spruce-Fir forest at the top of Mount Mitchell, the highest mountain peak East of the Mississippi River at 6,683 ft. Sadly, the Southern Appalachian Spruce-Fir forest is the 2nd most endangered ecosystem in the United States due to the non-native balsam wooly adelgid, climate change, and acid rain deposition.

Education • Training • Certification

  • B.S. Environmental Chemistry, Warren Wilson College
  • CHI Professional Training Workshop on PCSWMM and EPA SWMM5 Hydrologic Modeling
  • North Carolina Aquatic Data Hub Tier 1 and Tier 2 Stream Monitoring Workshop
  • Advanced Hydraulic Modeling for Stream Restoration, Dam Removal, and Fish Passage Workshop
  • Environmental Quality Institute Stream Monitoring Information Exchange Program, Stream Benthos Identification Workshop