Jane Margaret has a diverse background in environmental chemistry, toxicology, applied genetics, landscape ecology, and native plants. As an Environmental Scientist, she applies her interdisciplinary knowledge to ecosystem assessment and restoration, GIS mapping/analysis, and data analytics. In joining with Ecosystem Services, she hopes to expand her skills to include stream and wetland restoration design, mitigation banking, forest and wetland delineations, stormwater management, and project oversight. Her experience brings with it an emphasis on applied problem solving and the integration of scientific inquiry with practical design.

Having grown up in rural Western North Carolina with a close connection to the land, Jane Margaret has a deep commitment to environmental protection and restoration. In addition to her interests in ecological design, her long-term goals include work in hazardous spill clean-up, groundwater monitoring and remediation, and innovative bio-remediation strategies. She is also passionate about wildlife health and specifically the protection of Southern Appalachia’s rare and endemic species. Through Warren Wilson College’s unique work program, she has experience running a production vegetable farm using sustainable agricultural practices and is passionate about supporting the local food economy.

Education • Training • Certification

  • B.S. Environmental Chemistry, Warren Wilson College