Daniel started in 2015 as an intern while working on his degree in civil and environmental engineering at the University of Virginia and transitioned to a full time position after graduating in 2016. His inquisitive nature quickly led to interest in both the practice of ecological restoration and the cultivation of a new organization. His keen analytical mindset has been an asset in developing new company practices, from CAD standardization and hydrologic modeling best practices, to collaborative time management strategies and folder architecture standards.

Daniel enjoys a wide breadth of experience afforded by the small size of the company. He is proficient in conducting topographic surveys with a total station, performing geomorphic assessments, drafting in Civil 3D, and performing geospatial analyses in ArcGIS but has gravitated towards hydrologic data collection, analysis, and modeling. Daniel hopes to further deepen his understanding of hydrology through collaborative learning, self-edification, coursework, and field experience. More broadly, his long term goals are to maintain an interest driven and exploratory approach to his career and to more skillfully collect and wield data. He hopes to do this by developing proficiency with one or more programming languages, deepening his understanding of probability and statistics, and studying existing data collection and analytical methodologies.

Education • Training • Certification

  • B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Virginia