Daniel Lassiter

Daniel is a recent graduate from the civil and environmental engineering program at the University of Virginia with a focus on water resources engineering. He started interning at Ecosystem Services in January 2016 and enthusiastically immersed himself in the world of ecological restoration. His interest, curiosity, and ability to absorb information led him to quickly become an asset to the team. Since beginning at Ecosystem Services, he has gained proficiency using hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, CAD, and GIS tools as well as conducting geomorphic assessments and surveys.

Originally from the Eastern Shore of Virginia, Daniel spent much of his time on the Bay.  An early desire to contribute to the restoration of this national treasure motivated his choice of study. In his own words, “I hope to build my budding professional career around improving water quality at the watershed level. The root of my passion is split between a desire to preserve the natural environment and a concern for the Chesapeake Bay.”

Education • Training • Certification

  • B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Virginia